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About Us


About Us


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​About Us

Spansion is a global leader in Flash memory-based embedded systems solutions. Spansion’s Flash memory, microcontrollers, mixed-signal and analog products drive the development of faster, more intelligent and energy efficient electronics. Spansion is at the heart of electronics systems, connecting, controlling, storing and powering everything from automotive electronics and industrial systems to the highly interactive and immersive consumer devices that are enriching people's daily lives.

The global digital industry is rapidly transitioning from traditional computing architectures toward a world where people, objects and machines are in a perpetual mode of communication and interactivity. Data and applications are accelerating at breakneck speed, requiring electronics to work more quickly and be more intuitively responsive. Advances in memory and processor technology will fuel this ongoing evolution of the digital infrastructure that is now fundamental to how people work, live and play.

Spansion is at the forefront of this fast-paced interconnected world, delivering a broad portfolio of Flash memory, microcontrollers, analog products, and mixed-signal, as well as integrated system-on-chip solutions. Our leading-edge intellectual property and products are driving the development of high quality, reliable and economical devices that are faster, intelligent, efficient and secure.


Industry-Leading Customer Service

Customers come first at Spansion. Meeting customers’ specific design needs and providing industry-leading customer support is in the company’s DNA.

Spansion's embedded customers require a higher level of service and support compared to commodity Flash memory users -- in some cases requiring products to span a decade of production, with specific feature sets and wide operating temperatures. Spansion has spent many years refining its product and service strategy to address these market requirements. Leading OEMs have come to depend on the reliability and longevity of products Spansion delivers.



Broad Portfolio for Embedded Markets

Information is being consumed anytime, anywhere and any way. This explosion in data traffic will continue to demand more equipment to support the Internet backbone and the server farms that feed it. As the deployment of global mobile voice and data networks continues globally so too does the need for reliable long life and secure components. Spansion supports our communications and enterprise customers with a range of solutions to meet these and many more diverse processing, Flash memory and analog needs.

Industrial applications are rapidly adopting user interfaces that are more typical of consumer electronics. Spansion has an innovative range of solutions to address the needs of next generation users and applications. Integrating human machine interfaces (HMI) into our industrial grade components, and applying the industry’s highest bandwidth interfaces, we deliver highly optimized solutions for products suited for aerospace/avionics, energy systems, factory automation, telehealth and white goods.

The automotive industry is rich in innovation as the car is morphing into the most advanced consumer electronics device. Spansion provides the highest quality automotive grade solutions. Our automotive portfolio enables customers to optimize their systems’ performance with a unique blend of processing, graphics control and Flash memory solutions to address a broad selection of automotive applications, ranging from the most advanced instrument clusters and infotainment to safety and deeply embedded powertrain systems. Supplementing our discrete component product line-up is an innovative selection of system-level solutions including touch and voice recognition solutions designed specifically to enrich driver’s safety and in-cabin user experience. Spansion also offers seamless interoperability with our mixed signal and analog product lines.

Consumers’ appetite for instant access to data and applications anytime, anywhere and on any device is rising. The home is becoming digital and smarter using a variety of interfaces with more connected electronic devices — from gaming and TVs to future appliances. The devices of the future will give consumers more control over home entertainment, lighting and heating environments, as well as security — with features such as voice and gesture recognition. Spansion supports the consumer segment with a broad array of memory, processing and analog products. In addition, our touch and voice recognition solutions and power management ICs have become an important component of the overall consumer electronics bill of materials.


Fab-Lite Manufacturing

Spansion operates a manufacturing model that utilizes efficient, low-cost internal manufacturing, augmented with production capacity at third party companies, leveraging these relationships for lower cost advanced R&D and production capability.

Fab25 in Austin, TX, with 110nm, 90nm and 65nm production capability, is the core of this flexible manufacturing strategy. Spansion can tune the product mix within these three technologies at Fab25 and leverage its network of foundry partners as needed to fulfill customer demand.

Our highly flexible network builds upon Spansion's internal manufacturing excellence and provides the capacity Spansion needs for the future with a cost structure that ensures a continual cost reduction path for our customers.