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Voice Recognition


Voice Recognition Applications using Spansion NOR, Serial and NAND Flash Memory


Voice Recognition

As technology interfaces become increasingly intuitive, voice recognition becomes the logical feature to improve interaction and drive new functionality. Automotive, gaming, and consumer electronics application designers are leveraging voice recognition to create a better experience for the consumer. Whether people are trying to navigate the road or their favorite game, voice recognition can provide a safer, more enjoyable experience.

Voice recognition brings increased complexity to user interfaces – requiring more sophistication, higher performance and greater reliability to interpret and return accurate results quickly. Spansion is working closely with partners and customers to integrate voice recognition within Spansion’s NOR Flash memory to maximize performance and reliability of these memory-intensive voice recognition solutions. So, whether consumers are seeking to minimize visual-manual distractions in their car or maximize command and control of the latest video game, voice recognition built using Spansion memory will provide accurate, fast results.