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Spansion® Long-Term Memory


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Spansion® Long-Term Memory

Spansion has a rich history supporting the unique needs of its embedded customers, spanning from specialized feature sets to long-term product support. In fact, Spansion has one of the longest track records supporting product longevity in the industry. Spansion’s 5-Volt Am29F NOR Flash memory family has been in production for almost 20 years and will be shipping through 2013.

The Spansion longevity program provides customers with parallel and serial NOR products for a minimum of 10 years and high quality SLC NAND products with recommended 1-bit and 4-bit ECC for 5 years. If your application requires longer support, we encourage you to discuss your needs directly with a Spansion representative.

Parallel NOR Flash

3.0 Volt
High performance, Page-mode

Serial NOR Flash

3.0 Volt
High performance single and multi-I/O

NAND Flash

3.0 Volt
High performance, high reliability, SLC

As part of the Spansion Long-Term Memory program, customers get access to comprehensive software support. These free tools include an Applications Program Interface (API) common to all our low-level drivers, the Spansion FFS flash file system, customized migration support, and support for industry standard software configuration information, such as the Common Flash Interface (CFI) per JEDEC JESD68.01 and Serial Flash Discoverable Parameters (SFDP) JEDEC JESD216. By leveraging these tools, customers can minimize software support and migration issues.

Given the extended period of time these products are supported, changes may need to be made to the product or process technology. Spansion manages this through the Spansion Advanced Change Notification (ACN) process. Products in the Spansion Long-Term Memory program can be moved to a more competitive production technology throughout the product life cycle. However, the core feature set and mechanical footprint of the products will remain compatible with the prior-technology product. At the end of a product’s support period, Spansion issues a standard end-of-life notification with a minimum of six months to place final orders and another six months for final shipments.

Spansion’s goal is to provide its customers with robust, dependable Flash memory and support long-term product supply. Contact your Spansion sales representative for specific part numbers included in the Spansion Long-Term Memory program or submit your request online and we will contact you to discuss your needs.