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Development Tools for NOR Flash, Serial Flash, SPI Flash, NAND Flash


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Hardware Development Tools

The Spansion® Systems Engineering group takes a unique system-level approach to the integration of Flash memory into a customer's design. Our comprehensive offering of development tools and subsystems enables customers to choose optimized Flash memory devices for their embedded and wireless designs, while also enabling them to quickly test, validate, program and integrate that Flash memory device into their design.

Spansion hardware tools include:

  • Development kits and cards for creating Flash memory programming environments
  • PISMO™ Flash memory modules featuring an industry-standard connector interface for qualifying multiple Flash memory devices without changing the development board
  • Adapter boards that allow most any Flash memory device to be inserted into a programming environment

To order Spansion hardware products, please visit our Ask Spansion Request Form. Select “Tools” in the “Type of Inquiry” selection. Please state the specific tools and quantities you’re requesting in the Description field prior to submitting your request.

Spansion Development Kits and Cards

The Spansion PISMO PCI Flash memory card is a PCI to local Flash memory bus bridge that connects PISMO standard-compliant devices to PCI-based hosts. This low profile card provides a complete hardware platform for developing Flash memory driver and utility applications using popular PC-based development systems using Microsoft® Windows® XP operating systems.

In order to ensure that you have the correct socket or device for your target Flash memory configuration, the PISMO PCI 3.1 Kit includes your choice of one PISMO Adapter Module.

Spansion FSK-PUP Development Tool

Spansion’s FSK-PUP (Flash Starter Kit – PISMO USB Programmer) is an advanced portable development tool that provides features including Read, Program, Erase, Burst Read, and Scripting.

  • Supports NOR / Eclipse (ADP/ADM/AADM), ORNAND™ and SPI devices.
  • Compact and low cost.

Download Installation Guide and Software

Spansion PISMO™ Modules

Spansion offers comprehensive support of the PISMO standard with its own family of PISMO standard-compliant storage modules. Governed by an independent standards body known as the PISMO Advisory Council, the PISMO specification defines a single, common Flash memory interface for development platforms that eliminates the need for multiple, proprietary memory interfaces. As a result, the standard enables faster development cycles, quicker memory qualification, and lower product costs with investment protection.

PISMO standard-compliant products allow engineering teams to qualify multiple Flash memory devices from a single development board, and to reuse the PISMO connector for qualifying new process geometries, enabling future cost-reduced Flash memory devices for the market. Also PISMO modules are "stackable" allowing a combination of four different memory devices to be qualified simultaneously.

Spansion offers comprehensive support of Spansion PISMO modules. Designed with debugging support in mind, these PISMO modules have a companion logic analyzer module that provides easy access and monitoring of critical control, address, and data signals. The PISMO connector consists of 32 bits of data, 26 bits of address and 33 bits of control/status. The Debug support simplifies the design of the evaluation systems without the added complexity of costly logic analyzer sockets on every board.

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