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SOFTUNE IDE (Integrated Development Environment)


SOFTUNE is an integrated development environment that was designed to respond to the various demands of program developers and pursues ease of use.
Program development requires repeated editing, make/build, and debugging operations.

Program Development Flow

SOFTUNE is designed to perform such repetitive processes smoothly and efficiently.

Structure of SOFTUNE

Structure of SOFTUNE
    Unification of manager section and debugger section.
    Errors that are found can be fixed on the spot, and the result can be debugged immediately. Three types of debugger functions are supported that need to be used at various different stages of the development cycle.
    • Simulator
    • Emulator
    • Monitor debugger
  • Language tools
    • C/C++ compiler
      When a source file represented in C or C++ language is described, the C/C++ compiler generates an assembler source file which is expressed in assembly language.
    • Assember
      This Assembler assembles the source programs described with a FUJITSU microcontoller assembly language.
    • Linkage kit
      The linkage kit consists of a linker that is used to connect object modules, a librarian that is used to control object modules and a converter that converts to object type in order to write information on a ROM.
  • Development support tools
    These tools evaluate the C/C++ source program with the dual aims of improving quality and raising performance.
    • C/C++ checker
      This tool checks problem areas in C and C++ source code with the dual aims of improving quality and raising performance.
    • C/C++ analyzer
      This tool displays the structure of a source program written in the C/C++ language and the status of data being used by the program. This tool provides a effective information to improve the efficiency of the program.

Support CPU

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  • REALOS and SOFTUNE are trademarks of Fujitsu Semiconductor Ltd.
  • TRON is an abbreviation for "The Real-time Operating system Nucleus".
  • µITRON is an abbreviation for "Micro Industrial TRON".
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