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Applications Notes

Application Notes
File Size
Product Family
expand  Category : Flash Technology
Bit Field Programming for Flash Products101 KBFlash Technology GL
Flash Memory: An Overview272 KBFlash TechnologyGL
Overview of Flash Based Embedded System Design - User Guide1871 KBFlash Technology -
Using CFI to Read and Debug Systems386 KBFlash Technology-
SCK Controller Data Out for MirrorBit® Multi I/O SPI Family140 KBFlash Technology - FL
Spansion® Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) FL Flash Layout Guide1326 KBFlash Technology FL
Understanding Page Mode Flash Memory Devices92 KBFlash TechnologyGL
Using OTP Regions in S25FL-P SPI Multi I/O Flash232 KBFlash TechnologyFL
Verifying Flash Operability264 KBFlash TechnologyGL
expand  Category : General
Recommended PCB Routing Guidelines for a Spansion eMMC Memory Device641 KBGeneral 41-1B1
Spansion eMMC Flash Memory for Embedded Platforms1162 KBGeneral 41-1B1
Storage of Wafer and Die Semiconductor IC Products127 KBGeneral -
expand  Category : Manufacturing/Assembly
4M-8M SPI Cross Reference207 KBManufacturing/AssemblyFL
KGD Assembly414 KBManufacturing/Assembly AL AS CD CL FL GL JL MS PL
Impact of X-Ray Inspection on Spansion Flash Memory419 KBManufacturing/Assembly AL AS CD CL F GL JL MS NS PL VS WS XS AMD
expand  Category : Migration
Migration from AL-D to AL-J (8 - 16 Mb)233 KBMigrationAL
Integrating 3V Flash in 5V Systems206 KBMigrationGL
Migration from AM29LV-D to S29GL-N (64 Mb)462 KBMigration LV-D
Migration from Atmel AT25D Series to the Spansion® S25FL-K SPI Flash Family349 KBMigrationFL
Migration from Atmel AT45DB SPI Flash Memories to Spansion® S25FL-K190 KBMigrationFL
Migration from S25FL-K to S25FL2-K SPI Flash Memories248 KBMigration FL
Migration from FL-P to FL-S Family SPI382 KBMigration FL
Migration from Macronix MX25L to Spansion S25FL1-K SPI Flash Family518 KBMigration FL
Migration from Micron M25P/PE/PX and N25Q to Spansion S25FL1-K SPI Flash Family306 KBMigration FL
Migration from Micron MT29F (1-2-4 Gb) to Spansion S34ML128 KBMigration ML-1
Migration from GL-N and GL-P to GL-S Flash756 KBMigration GL
Migrating from S29JL-H (32-64 Mb) to S29JL-J355 KBMigration JL
Migration from Spansion® S29NS-P to S29VS-R370 KBMigration NS VS
Migration from S70FL256P to S25FL256S241 KBMigration FL
Migrating to Spansion® S29GL-N from Numonyx™ M29W (32-64 Mb)291 KBMigrationGL
Migration from Winbond W25Q16DV to Spansion S25FL116K SPI Flash393 KBMigration FL
Migrating from the S29PL-J to the S29GL-A_S29GL-N280 KBMigration PL
Migrating to S29CD016J –Ordering Information110 KBMigrationCD
Migrating from Single-Byte to Three-Byte Device IDs169 KBMigration GL JL
Migrating Between Boot and Uniform Sectored Flash Devices157 KBMigration-
Package Migration Between 3.0V Floating Gate and MirrorBit® Flash Devices298 KBMigration AL GL
S25FL-P SPI Flash Family PCB Layout Guide249 KBMigrationFL
Migration from S29WS-N to S29WS-P590 KBMigrationWS
expand  Category : Performance/Quality
Simultaneous Read/Write versus Erase Suspend/Resume157 KBPerformance/Quality GL VS WS
Reducing System Startup Time with Flash Page Read Mode166 KBPerformance/QualityGL
Hyperstone F2 and F3 NAND Controllers/Spansion NAND – Enhancing Power Fault Tolerance89 KBPerformance/Quality ML
Optimizing Program/Erase Times293 KBPerformance/QualityGL
Power-On Sequence Best Practice for Flash, PSRAM, and Mobile DRAM based Spansion® MCP products405 KBPerformance/Quality-
S29GL-S Page Mode Accesses304 KBPerformance/Quality GL
Vcc Ramp Rate for MirrorBit® Multi I/O SPI Family138 KBPerformance/QualityFL
expand  Category : Software
Common Flash Interface Version 1.4 Vendor Specific Extensions195 KBSoftwareGL
Designing with the Spansion NAND PDD for Windows Embedded CE 6.0R2 and Later173 KBSoftware ML
Designing With the Spansion® SPI PDD252 KBSoftware FL FS
Programming Guide for the Spansion® HyperFlash™ Family396 KBSoftware KL-S KS-S
MirrorBit® Write Buffer Programming and Page Buffers205 KBSoftwareGL
Programmer’s Guide for the Spansion® 65 nm GL-S Eclipse™ Flash Non-Volatile Memory Family Architecture314 KBSoftwareGL
S25FS-S Programming Guide569 KBSoftware FS-S
Spansion Advanced Sector Protection182 KBSoftwareGL
Using the Operation Status Bits in AMD Devices130 KBSoftware GL
expand  Category : Systems & Interface
Connecting Spansion SPI Serial Flash to Configure Altera FPGAs655 KBSystems & Interface FL
Designing an SPI Interface332 KBSystems & Interface FL FS
Erase Suspend/Resume 使用時の終了判定276 KBSystems & Interface-
Spansion® High Voltage Sector Group Protection / Un-Protection244 KBSystems & Interface AL AS JL
Interfacing i.MX3x to S29GL MirrorBit® NOR Flash391 KBSystems & InterfaceGL
Interfacing Spansion® S29CD016J Flash to Freescale™ MPC56x Microcontroller241 KBSystems & InterfaceCD
Understanding Load Capacitance and Access Time570 KBSystems & InterfaceGL
Connecting Unused Data Lines of MirrorBit Flash95 KBSystems & InterfaceGL
Reset Pin Circuitry for Flash Memory Sector Protection Management93 KBSystems & InterfaceGL
Connecting Spansion® SPI Serial Flash to Configure Xilinx® FPGAs508 KBSystems & InterfaceFL
ST71xx with S29GL512P in STB Application Power On Reset Issue195 KBSystems & Interface GL
Using Versatile I/O to Interface S25FL-S SPI Multi I/O Flash in 1.8V and 2.5V Systems268 KBSystems & Interface FL

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