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Application Notes
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expand  Category :
expand  Category : Flash Technology
AMD DL160 and DL320 Series Flash- New Densities, New Features68 KBFlash Technology-
Common Flash Memory Interface Publication 10035 KBFlash TechnologyGL
Laser Marking259 KBFlash TechnologyGL
Quick Guide to Common Flash Interface380 KBFlash TechnologyGL
Signal Integrity and Reliable Flash Operations486 KBFlash TechnologyGL
What Types of ECC Should Be Used on Flash Memory180 KBFlash Technology-
Understanding Typical and Maximum Program/Erase Performance119 KBFlash TechnologyGL
Using Spansion® Flash Devices with TI Sitara™ - Based on AM35171509 KBFlash Technology -
expand  Category : General
S29VS_XS064R_PCB_Routing_AN397 KBGeneral VS XS
Storage of Wafer and Die Semiconductor IC Products127 KBGeneral -
expand  Category : Manufacturing/Assembly
4M-8M SPI Cross Reference207 KBManufacturing/AssemblyFL
KGD Assembly414 KBManufacturing/Assembly AL AS CD CL FL GL JL MS PL
X-ray Inspection Test Condition Recommendations105 KBManufacturing/Assembly
expand  Category : Migration
Increased Clock Speeds and Faster Intial Burst Access on Am29BDD160G83 KBMigration-
Migrating from S29AL032D to S29GL032N and S29JL032J440 KBMigration AL
Migration from Am29LV-D to S29JL-J / S29PL-J (64 Mb)331 KBMigrationLV
Migration from Atmel AT25DF SPI Flash Memories to Spansion S25FL2-K248 KBMigration FL
Migration from S25FL-K to S25FL1-K SPI Flash Memories242 KBMigration FL
Migration from S25FL-P to S25FL1-K Spansion SPI Flash Memories382 KBMigration FL
Migration from Macronix™ GL-E (128-512 Mb) to Spansion® S29GL-S199 KBMigrationGL
Migration from Microchip SST25VF-B, SST25VF-C, and SST26VF to Spansion® S25FL1-K SPI Flash Family590 KBMigration FL-K
Migration from Micron M25PE and M25PX Series to the Spansion S25FL-K SPI Flash Family300 KBMigration FL
Migration from Numonyx™ P33 to Spansion® S29GL-S831 KBMigrationGL
Migration from GL-N and GL-P to GL-S Flash (Chinese)930 KBMigration GL
Migration from S29NS064N to S29VS064R216 KBMigration NS VS
Migrate_S29NS-R_to_S29VS-R_AN173 KBMigration NS VS
Migration from Samsung K9F1G08U0D to Spansion S34ML01G1147 KBMigration ML ML-1
Migration from Winbond W25Qxx 3.0V SPI to Spansion S25FL1-K 3.0V SPI617 KBMigration FL
Migrating from Am29DL32xD Family to Am29DL32xG Family55 KBMigration-
Migrating to S29CD016J - Initial Access and Burst Mode148 KBMigrationCD
Migrating to the S29CD016J –ACC Programming, CFI, and Autoselect65 KBMigrationCD
Migration from Am29LV640DU to MirrorBit® Am29LV640MU123 KBMigration LV AMD
Migrating to the Spansion® S29GL-P Flash Family from Numonyx 130 nm Embedded Flash Memory (J3)/130 nm StrataFlash® Embedded Memory (P30) Devices315 KBMigration-
Migrating from S25FL-A to S25FL-P304 KBMigration FL
S29CD016J and S29CD032J Feature Review and Migration Considerations405 KBMigrationCD
expand  Category : Non NDA
eMMC Field Firmware Update (FFU) Feature190 KBNon NDA 41-1B1
expand  Category : Performance/Quality
Practical Guide to Endurance and Data Retention172 KBPerformance/QualityGL
Flash Memory Erase Mode Comparison Simultaneous Read/Write vs Erase Suspend104 KBPerformance/QualityGL
High Reliability Programming Methodology for Floating Gate Flash280 KBPerformance/Quality-
MirrorBit Flash Write Buffer Programming and Page Buffer Read332 KBPerformance/Quality GL
Optimizing System Start Up Time213 KBPerformance/Quality-
Recommended Mode of Operation for Spansion® 110 nm S29CD032J/S29CL032J Flash Memory154 KBPerformance/Quality CD CL
S29GL-S Page Read Mode - Reducing System Startup Time203 KBPerformance/QualityGL
Wear Leveling201 KBPerformance/QualityGL
expand  Category : Software
Comparing Serial Interfaces215 KBSoftware FL FS
Designing with the Spansion® NOR PDD for Windows® Embedded CE 6.0R2 and Later248 KBSoftware GL
Linux Configuration for Spansion® SPI771 KBSoftware FL FS
Programmer’s Guide for the Spansion® 65 nm FL-S MirrorBit® Flash Family439 KBSoftware FL
S25FL129P Programming Guide173 KBSoftware FL
SecSi Sector Customer Lock Status Check68 KBSoftwareGL
Spansion FFS with Two Block Drivers311 KBSoftware
expand  Category : Systems & Interface
Connecting Spansion SPI Serial Flash to Configure Altera FPGAs655 KBSystems & Interface FL
Designing an SPI Interface332 KBSystems & Interface FL FS
Erase Suspend/Resume 使用時の終了判定276 KBSystems & Interface-
Spansion® High Voltage Sector Group Protection / Un-Protection244 KBSystems & Interface AL AS JL
Interfacing i.MX3x to S29GL MirrorBit® NOR Flash391 KBSystems & InterfaceGL
Interfacing Spansion® S29CD016J Flash to Freescale™ MPC56x Microcontroller241 KBSystems & InterfaceCD
Understanding Load Capacitance and Access Time570 KBSystems & InterfaceGL
Connecting Unused Data Lines of MirrorBit Flash95 KBSystems & InterfaceGL
Connecting Spansion® SPI Serial Flash to Configure Xilinx® FPGAs508 KBSystems & InterfaceFL
Understanding AC Characteristics536 KBSystems & InterfaceGL
Versatile IO- DQ Vio and Enhanced Vio68 KBSystems & InterfaceGL

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